Official language Feluxian
Spoken languages Old high feluxian


Largest city Meremayt


 % Water


-Total 57, 450


-Highest point
-Lowest point

Yondhu is the second state of the Feluxian assortment. Yondhu bears many resemblances to places in China and has a humid tropical climate. The last census in Yondhu, in 2011 by the Gregorian Calendar, put the population at around 42,370 with estimates ranging at about 57,450 for the current day. Yondhu used to reside next to India, to the left of Bangladesh but it is, due to an unfortunate incident, trapped in an alternate dimension.


Yondhu is believed to have been officially founded 39690 BC, approximately 1470 concubi ago by the Feluxian Calendar when explorers from The Rotating Jungle sailed North and found a chunk of land between India and Bangladesh that was not on their maps. The explorers named the land Yondhu and returned to the Rotating Jungle to announce their discovery. Soon after settlers sailed to Yondhu to begin The Feluxian Assortment's second state. The first recorded history within Yondhu began in the oldest of it's settlements, Mynmir Temple, with the construction of the Great Library and the creation of several hundred tomes full of blueprints, street plans, maps and a number of mancer's Grimoires.

Geography, Climate, and Environment

As mentioned above Yondhu has a humid tropical climate with many resemblances to the Guangxi Province in southeast China. It has many rivers and thick doilstone pillars rising from the relatively flat, limestone ground. Yondhu's pillars were formed many hundreds of years ago when the land was a high plateau of limestone with doilstone cores set randomly in the ground around the landscape. Over the years the high rainfall and rivers eroded away the limestone leaving behind the pillars.

Government and Politics



Yondhu has only four main settlements:


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