WWCCB pickup site

The scene of wreckage at the site of a WWCCB pickup site

The Wibbly-Wobbly Choo-Choo Bus is a homicidal, sentient bus from another dimension. It seeks out grandmas to run over, and whenever a Fungologist raises their arm and calls for it it comes to them, destroying everything around them and then taking them to their destination. It has been described as "An equivalent of Harry Potter's Knight Bus- except it doesn't bother dodging other traffic".


The WWCCB's colour changes according to its mood. Most of the time it is purple, black or navy-blue, although when angry it turns red; when happy; orange and when scared it will don the guise of a Goody-Goody Gumdrops ice cream. It appears to be the size of a school-bus, but from the inside it not only appears to be the size of a rugby field, it is a rugby field.

The DriverEdit

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The driver of the WWCCB is unimaginably old, blind, deaf, bald and toothless. The bus is fiercely protective of him and horribly kills anyone who touches him.


If a Fungologist raises his/her/its arm and yells out "Wibbly-Wobbly Choo-Choo Bus!" Then the WWCCB will head straight towards them, at ridiculous speeds, and come crashing through wherever they are, destroying everything near them and then opening its doors. Fungologists who hail it but then hesitate to step through the door are pulled through by a massive, burly, tattooed arm.


Passengers pay the bus for it's service with either with 1L of petrol, 4mL of their own blood or a 3 minute session of Drunken Irish Dancing. As an alternative, a WWCCB bus ticket can be purchased for the price of ₩1,804.00. This ticket guarantees the owner a lifetime of free rides on the WWCCB.