Spellweaving is the art of creating spells in Droiyn. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. There are three main ways of creating spells: speech, writing, and thought. Each of these methods have numerous subsets.


Speech was the first and arguably the easiest form of spellweaving. It involved speaking the spell in spellspeak or Old high Feluxian.


Writing was the second, and second easiest, form of spellweaving. There are two notations for writing spells: writing the words out or using what is known as Circle Form in which circles are drawn with annotations to indicate what word/s it represents. The circles are then connected with a series of lines that denote relation between the words, thereby constructing a spell.


Thought is the most complex of all spellweaving techniques, the hardest to master and the most dangerous. It involves taking many years to get spell words into an 'unconscious memory' and then yet more years to get spell construction patterns into this 'unconscious memory'. The end result of this is to be able to subconsciously construct spells at your whim without really thinking about it as such, allowing incredibly fast spell construction. It is from this method that most common depictions of mancers, or "wizards", arise, ie: wizard walks along, flicks hand - fireball!

Thought spellweaving also has numerous side effects. The most common of these side effects is officially known as Memory echoes, and more colloquially known as 'the voices in your head'. Memory echoes manifest themselves as slight noises in one's mind. These noises are commonly voices or snippets from previous conversations, some voices from conversations over ten years old. Other side effects of Thought spellweaving include:

  • Muscle simulation
  • Hallucinations
  • Personal gravity inversion
  • Random teleportation

The last three side effects in that list are incredibly uncommon yet still happen. We don't know why. Another side effect (which was not listed under the previous list because it is a very broad subject that is not only caused by this) is the exacerbation or formation of mind distortion.

Music Edit

Music can also be used as a means of spellweaving whereupon the caster imposes their will upon a tune through their thoughts. This technique is considered an offshoot of the thought method. This is a particularly useful method as more accomplished mancers can impose their will on music created by others. This has lead to many reports of concerts accompanied by strange events, such as floating blue flames flying around the orchestra.