Inflating thomas
Conservation status
Critically Endangered
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order ---
Family ---
Genus Thomus
Species T. inflaticus
Subspecies T. inflaticus austrus
General statistics
Mean Height 1.5m
Mean Weight 59kg
Mean Edibility 8/10
Mean Danger 5/10

The southern inflating thomas (thomus inflaticus) is a species of thomas from the southern hemisphere. There are very few inflating thomi (thomi being the plural of thomas) left in the whole universe (apart from parallel ones).


According to legend, on the 4th day of the 21st month of the year 42.SF King Soridas of Great Kesh, was having his birthday. One of his cooks had decided to get him something new so he caught, killed, cooked, and presented an inflating thomas to the king. The king liked it so he ordered his army to catch and kill every single inflating thomas. Very few inflating thomi survived.


The inflating thomas has a habit of chewing on people's arms as soon as they start to focus on anything but the inflating thomas.


The inflating thomas will eat anything that counts as human food (apart from vegetables excluding carrots). Thomi particularly like to eat cats, apples, dogs, maths, reading, video games, salt and vinegar chips, home made chippy dip, chocolate, butter chicken, macaroni and cheese and cheese.


The inflating thomas is inflated via a series of miniature lung-like sacs spread down the length of its throat. Upon a trigger the sacs remove all air from inside the thomas, expelling it through the porous skin, creating a vacuum within and blasting nearby objects away. The vacuum then rapidly sucks air in, creating a large amount of pressure inside and inflating the Thomas. The pores on the Thomas's skin then seal up trapping the air inside, leaving the Thomas inflated until it either bumps into something sharp and pops, or the pores open and the air rushes out blasting nearby objects away. This is all possible due to Fungologian Physics


Upon death the inflating thomas will violently explode.