Radioactive Troon
Scattered locations in Japan, Ukraine-Russia and Pereditory Island
Conservation status
Range Restricted
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. Radon
General statistics
Mean Height ~5cm (estimate)
Mean Weight ~300g (estimate)
Mean Edibility 0/10
Mean Danger 9/10

The Radioactive Troon (T. Radon) is a species of troon so highly radioactive that anything within a 10m radius of them dies instantly. They also glow in the dark & explode with the force of a Hydrogen Bomb when they die. There are colonies in Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pereditory Island.

Life Edit

Radioactive troons feed off of the radiation energy given off by radioactive objects. They only need to live in a mildly radioactive environment in order to be perpetually fed. Most radioactive troon colonies live deep underground, and are able to all feed off one another's radiation. They also send small parties to the surface upon occasion to locate particularly radioactive items and bring them down into the colony. Although they are not aggressive, if attacked, provoked or mildly offended in any way they will attack anything, with almost invariably fatal consequences for their enemies.

Anatomy Edit

Almost nothing is known about the anatomy of radioactive troons, as anyone that gets close enough to one to study it dies almost immediately. What is known is that they are fluro-green coloured, glow in the dark and are approximately the same size as T. Troonus.