Poisonous Troon
The Amazon Basin
Conservation status
Near Threatened
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. Venenus
General statistics
Mean Height 3cm
Mean Weight 70g
Mean Edibility 2/10
Mean Danger 8/10

The Poisonous Troon (T. Venenus) is a small, poisonous Troon. It is found in the Amazon rainforest, and is not to be confused with its transatlantic cousin the Venomous Troon.

Lifestyle Edit

Colonies Edit

The Poisonous Troon lives in small colonies of no more than 5000 individuals, usually nestled with cavities in large tree trunks or the like. Colonies send out foraging parties to search for food and, unusually for Troons, do not have a set territory which they patrol and defend from other colonies.

Diet Edit

Poisonous troons feed almost exclusively on the highly poisonous animals found throughout the Amazon rainforest, particularly poison-dart frogs.

Anatomy Edit

Poisonous troons are about 3cm tall, with 2cm of this being stalk. They are dark green in colour, with small yellow eyes and only two large teeth. Their gills are soft but serrated and their stalks have a diameter of 0.5-0.75cm.

The troons are not actually immune to the poisons of their prey, but rather have special organs in their digestive tract that remove the poison from their diet and transfer it to a thin layer just underneath their 'skin'. This means that if anything bites, stabs or even vigorously pokes a poisonous troon, they will be poisoned by whatever the troon has eaten recently. As such, the troon has no known predators (other than especially hungry members of its own kind).