Conservation status
Critically Vulnerable
Scientific classification
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Embryophytae
Class Asparangiphytae
Order Lumis
Family Lunae
Genus Lunus
Species L. Remedis
General statistics
Mean Height 2m
Mean Weight 600g
Mean Edibility 7/10
Mean Danger 1/10

Moonlace is a rare Fungologian berry, originally found on the Mountains Of The Moon.


Moonlace is tall and wispy, it's branching branches resembling bluish-green feathers. It's berries are located along the underside of its main branches and are tiny and green. Moo lace plants normally grow to about 2 metres high, but have been known to reach almost 30 metres, and tribal stories tell of plants growing to several hundred metres.

Medicinal Properties Edit

Moonlace fruit contains compounds that are highly helpful to the human body, and a special paste made by local tribespeople may be able to reverse several diseases including Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, Cancer, HIV AIDS, Influenza and even the Common Cold.

Taxonomy Edit

Lunus Edit

Moonlace is one of two species in the genus Lunus, the other being Moonlance. The two species are virtually identical, the only difference being that Moonlance's berries are red, and extremely poisonous. As the plants fruit only once every 5 years, the only way to tell them apart in between these periods is to taste the leaves. Moonlace leaves are highly nourishing, while Moonlance leaves are fatally poisonous.

Lunae Edit

Lunae is the only extant family of the order Lumis. It consists of several genera, and is distinguished through its feathery leaves.

Asparangiphytae Edit

Asparangiphytae is a Class of Embryophyte, characterised by the fact that it produces fruit without flowering.