Mancy is the most common form of droiyn. It is based around the manipulation and command of ley, forming spells.

Types of MancyEdit

Due to the constant creation of new spells new types of Mancy are invented every year. There are fourteen major forms of Mancy which each represent the aspects of the Fourteen Base Spells, these will be written in bold with the Base spell they represent written. Most known forms of Mancy have been listed here, in alphabetical order:

  • Captumancy (Captivity)
  • Celeritamancy (Velocity)
  • Dolummancy (Travesty)
  • Hydromancy
  • Immutamancy (Fixity)
  • Inanemancy (Vacuity)
  • Necromancy (Athanasy)
  • Permutomancy (Instability)
  • Pyromancy (Incendiary)
  • Quomancy (Entropy)
  • Simulomancy
  • Sonormancy (Cacophony)
  • Terramancy (Density)
  • Tractumancy (Gravity)
  • Turbatiomancy (Gallimaufry)
  • Tutelamancy (Tutelary)