Dancing felix
Conservation status
Extinct In Wild
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Aeridae
Family Ferus
Genus Felax
Species F. tangosti
General statistics
Mean Height 1.6m
Mean Weight 30kg
Mean Edibility 5/10
Mean Danger 2/10

This species of Felix is extinct in the wild, but has a captive population of 2,682,000. This is because Fungologist Earnaby Bladder discovered that it can be made to dance when prodded with a pointy stick. Its wild habits and habitat are unknown because it has been domesticated for so long. It eats bread, cheese, pizza, beef, lamb, sandwiches and lasagna. It can be eaten but it does not taste very nice. Dancing Felixes can be bought at Fungologian pet shops for around ₩800. Dancing felixes can be trained to mimic basic speech but are incapable of true speech.

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